Teaching a large audience effectively in a lecture theatre or auditorium is challenging. VANERUM’s Xilo sashboard combines functionality, practical design and attractive aesthetics to provide the ideal solution for effective auditorium communication.

Xilo’s ingenious construction allows the lightweight boards to glide up and down with the touch of a finger, while all moving parts and counterweights remain concealed within its columns.

The ergonomic grip doubles as a pen/chalk tray.


  • Column height: 300 cm, 350 cm or 360 - 600 cm
  • Board height: 109,2 cm or 129,2 cm 
  • Board length: 250 - 500 cm 
  • Writing Surfaces
    Xilo is comprised of two sandwich-type writing boards, each equipped with e3 ceramicsteel writing surface.
  • Columns Side
    Columns are made of anodised aluminium. 


  • Manual or motorized
  • Combine with rear or side-mounted projection screens
  • Ruled board: the lines are screen printed and fused at high temperature onto the enamel layer of the writing surface. This makes them indelible, wear resistant and forms a smooth writing surface for the user