The SEED family is made up of one seating shell to maintain a strong ‘family identity’ throughout the range. The shell can be combined with different frames which makes it possible to use the SEED chairs in a wide range of settings and match a broad range of applications.

The SEED Sit chair has a four-leg steel frame which offers great stability and fits well many environments. 

The legs are provided with self-adjusting low-noise glides that level to all floors and they can be exchanged for lasting floor protection.

The sleek shell with sloping corners avoids the build-up of pressure zones to improves circulation.

Lumbar support and curvature of the back provide comfort and continuous support.

The SEED Sit has a limited weight and can be easily stacked. The materials are easy to maintain and durable.

✘ Seat height: 46 cm & 50 cm

✘ Total height: 80 cm & 85 cm

✘ Seat width: 43 cm

✘ Total width: 50 cm

✘ Seat shell

    • The plastic shells are made only of polypropylene.
    • Seats and backs are made from at least 7 layers of high-quality beech wood.

✘ Chassis

    • The chair has a 4 legged steel frame.


Fabric seat

Slide-buffer felt, for hard floor

Universal trolley