SEED Mini Sit

The SEED Mini collection is all about comfort and style and is especially suited for the youngest ones. In the SEED Mini-collection we developed a nice chair which can be part of a warm, friendly learning environment. The geometry and colors echo a modern design. Various models in vibrant colors allow almost limitless combinations.

The 100% recyclable SEED Mini collection was designed with optimal End Of Life disassembly in mind, and uses responsible materials such as aluminium, FSC certified wood and wood-plastic components.

  • Ergonomic design based on the Mandal Principle
  • Unique front contour promotes circulation
  • Lumbar support and curvature of the back provide comfort and continuous support
  • Low weight for easy mobility
  • Equipped with anti-tip saddle foot riveted to frame

Seat height

  • Wood: 26 cm, 30 cm, 34 cm, & 38 cm
  • Plastic: 30 cm & 34 cm


  • Wood: 33 cm, 37 cm, 41 cm & 44 cm
  • Plastic: 41 cm

Seat shell

  • Wooden seat shell is made of a laminated beech core and bamboo veneer.
  • Plastic seat shell is made of pure polypropylene.

The chair has a 4 legged aluminum frame.

  • Slide-buffer felt, for hard floor 
  • Universal trolley