Opti+ Storage

Whether you instruct a whole class from a lectern, wish to enable group work or integrate tablets in a 1:1 environment, the Opti+ cabinets have you covered. Easy-to-use multifunctional storage never looked this good! The Opti+ cabinets are all built around simplicity and day-to-day user friendliness.

The modularity of the design and its accessories make it easy to find a soultion that perfectly fits your needs.

  • Easily accessible for storage
  • cabinets can be provided with an power-bar inside and an external power connection plug, in case electronic devices (CPU, charger devices,….) needs to be stored
  • Safety ensured:
    • Auto-stop drawers,
    • Topple proof wide wheel base
    • Absence of sharp edges 
    • High quality certified electronic components.
  • Easy to clean
  • Slim push-to-open doors which open 270° and magnetically snap to the sides of the corpus
  • Height: 97 cm 
  • Width: 55 cm 
  • Length: 55 cm 

Work surface 

  • Laminate board thickness: 19 mm 


  • Carcass: laminate board thickness 19 mm 
  • Doors: 270° swivel with magnetic snap
  • Loose shelf
  • Pull-out shelf
  • Shelf (iPAD-charger)
  • Tray (with guides) 
  • Electrification 
  • Front panel 
  • Lock (left + right)