A visual communication platform, designed to seamlessly integrate various technologies such as; interactive whiteboards, LCD Touch screens, interactive projectors and other, more traditional, writing and display surfaces. The unique modularity offers users timeless, minimalistic styling, advanced functionality and the flexibility to enhance any future-oriented learning environment.

i3MOMENTUM is a wall-based rail system that accommodates up to 3 levels of display surfaces to support a variety of teaching and learning styles.

i3MOMENTUM provides design flexibility, transforming the already dynamic board solution into an architectural element by offering a breadth of surface materials and customizable components.

i3MOMENTUM is specifically designed to enhance communication and collaboration in any learning environment. i3MOMENTUM allows for the effective use of storage, technology and display boards to support all classroom activities.

  • Max width: 642,4 cm
  • Height: 120 cm
  • Width modules: 26.8 cm, 53.5 cm, 80.3 cm, 107 cm, 133.8 cm, 106.6 cm and 214 cm 


  • Level 0: anodised aluminium
  • Level 1: ceramic steel
  • Level 2: Top brackets: anodised aluminum - Bottom brackets: galvanised steel