i3LEARNHUB is plug & play. It is easily accessible on any device. Whether you are at home, on the train or in the classroom, if you see an idea on the internet, you can easily add it to your lesson in i3LEARNHUB, on your laptop, via the interactive board, or via your tablet or smartphone.

Deliver engaging and effective science lessons with the built-in interactive 3D models from Lifeliqe. Make science more interesting and encourage your students to be lifelong learners through visual, hands-on, and deep learning 3D experiences.

Combine traditional measurement tools with digital technology. We offer a compass, set square and ruler to use on the interactive whiteboard. This is perfect to make geometry exercises easier to understand for your students.

The learning platform has a simple interface that requires no training. The buttons are all are easy to find and understand. Organise your favorite features in a floating toolbar, so you will not lose time looking for buttons or understanding which button does what.

Works with any browser