A wide variety of floor mounts for touch screens featuring electrical height adjustment, tip function, and castors or floor plate.

✔ Versatile floorstand
This versatile mobile stand is a perfect match for the i3TOUCH EX 65” and PXr 55” and 65” and is available in black or white. With its new slim design, you can take your IFP anywhere, and with ergonomic brake locks on the wheels, your display will stay stable when in use.

✔ Tip & Touch
The i3FLOORSTAND Tip & Touch has been developed for touch screens that can be used in the table position. The stand comes with an electrical height adjustment and tip function, so you can switch between a presentation display and an interactive desk in no time.

✔ Floor lift on floor plate
The i3FLOORSTAND Floor lift on a floor plate allows fast and smooth electrical height adjustment of your touch screen. It comes with a weighted floorplate, and remote control to easily adjust the height of the display.