The i3CAMERA Pro instantly brings collaboration and communication abilities to your interactive display, taking online or hybrid lessons to the next level.

The camera supports 4K Ultra High Definition video output at a maximum of 30 frames per second, giving you crystal-clear image quality and ensuring you never miss a detail.

With a wide angle up to 120°, you’ll get everyone on the picture. A the same time, it supports EPTZ to remotely control the Pan, Tilt, and Zoom of the camera.

 ✔ Easy installation
Equipped with 2 rotating parts and a positioning clip, installation is easy & stable. There is also an optional VESA bracket available.

✔ Wide 120° angle
With its wide 120° angle lens the camera can capture the entire meeting room area, bringing every meeting participant on the screen.

✔ Face Recognition
By enabling the face recognition, the camera will focus and zoom in on the faces in the room, to avoid distraction of other elements.

✔ Omnidirectional microphone
With the built-in microphone array, the camera will pick up the sound clearly from a distance up to 12 meters. A unique suppression algorithm makes your voice crisp and clear.

✔ Low light capacity
The camera is perfect for use in low light environments without compromising image quality.

✔ High compatibility
Plug & play USB connectivity. Suitable for Skype for Business, Teams, Zoom Meetings, Microsoft Cortana, Windows Hello, Cisco Webex, Google Hangouts and more.