1080P Full HD Camera

This 1080P Full HD camera has a 120° wide-angle lens and an adaptable mount making it optimal for close-quarter meetings. With its ultra-high image noise ratio and built-in noise reduction, low light circumstances won’t affect your image quality.

With a built-in 6 meter omnidirectional microphone, the sound won’t be an issue in larger meeting rooms. The microphone delivers crisp sound with its noise-suppressing algorithm.

 ✔ Wide 120° angle

With its wide 120° angle lens the camera can capture the entire meeting room area, bringing every meeting participant on the screen.

 ✔ Low light capacity

The camera is perfect for use in low light environments without compromising image quality.

 ✔ High compatibility

Plug & play USB connectivity. Suitable for Skype for Business, Teams, Zoom Meetings, Microsoft Cortana, Windows Hello, Cisco Webex, Google Hangouts and more.

 ✔ Adaptable mounting

With an adjustable mounting clip and tripod mount, the position of the camera can be changed according to the orientation of the display.

 ✔ Noise-suppressing microphone

The built-in microphone picks up sound from up to 6 meters in any direction and delivers crisp sound with its noise-suppressing algorithm.

 ✔ Full HD

The 1080 full HD camera delivers a high, sharp image quality.