Experience greatness

Performance, durability and an integrated experience throughout. We're proud to announce the i3TOUCH PX, the latest addition to the X-range, our most performant, high-end products yet.

The i3TOUCH PX, great for your school...

Control all connected devices. Connect all the latest devices to the screen with a USB-C cable. Just one cable for audio, video, power and touch. Enjoy having access to all the tools connected to the screen, such as a webcam or mic, straight from your laptop.

Write naturally. Thanks to optical bonding inside the panel and the responsive, ergonomic, pressure-sensitive pen we can achieve a highly natural and precise writing experience.

Captivating image quality. Capture attention with hyperdetailed 4K images. Rest assured everyone is viewing the content the same way with the anti-glare glass and optimized viewing angle.

Never run out of battery power. Always have a fully charged pen thanks to the integrated charging station, which also serves as a convenient place to store your pen.

Friendly for the environment and the wallet. The eco-friendly design comes with an extremely low power consumption, resulting in a A+ Energy label. The combination of a motion and light sensor will optimize your viewing experience to all lighting conditions and keep energy consumption balanced.

EDU Studio. The i3TOUCH PX comes pre-installed with our EDU Studio. Allowing you to easily present wirelessly, whiteboard or annotate screenshots without any external device.

Wireless presenting from every device. Our wireless presenting app is free to download and compatible with Windows, Android, Mac and iOS devices (including AirPlay). Control the shared content on the i3TOUCH with wireless touchback.

Capture your ideas. Capture ideas in your web browser, presentation or any other app. Send your annotated screenshots instantly to the whiteboard application so you can share them right away.

Intuitive side menu. Navigate directly to whiteboarding, presenting and other apps, without having to go to the main menu. Switch to different input sources, customize the source names and easily change your settings.

Active pen. The ergonomic pen detects different levels of pressure and automatically activates the writing function in Windows ink supported apps as Microsoft Office 365.

Capacitive sense. The capacitive touch technology creates a very responsive and natural touch experience and a sleek, stylish design.

Security. The i3TOUCH PX has a secure chip (Mstar) to protect against data interception and leakage.

A wide range of sizes from 55", 65", 75" to 86” enables you to provide the correct size for any room.​

We crafted the i3TOUCH PX from the finest materials. The ultra-slim bezel and aluminium accents along with the sturdy craftsmanship create a pleasing high-end aesthetic.