i3 TOUCH E Series

Best-in-class interactive solution

The i3TOUCH E Series has all the tools to bring enthusiasm and engagement into the classroom while staying within budget. 

The i3TOUCH E-Series has all the tools to bring enthusiasm and engagement into the classroom. Let students experience true collaboration on the multi-touch display. Bring in top quality visual experiences and spark curiosity and passion for learning.

Jot down ideas, share with everybody. Create, capture and share your ideas or notes in the integrated whiteboard solution. The simple interface and limited tool set are very intuitive and easy to use. Share your notes instantly via email, USB or QR code.

Intelligent touch recognition. When using the whiteboard app, your finger and stylus are automatically recognized as pen and your palm as eraser. This makes working with the i3TOUCH very easy and intuitive.

Highest precision touch. The i3TOUCH E incorporates V-Sense, an advanced infrared touch technology that delivers the highest precision, supporting 20 simultaneous touch points for unlimited collaboration.

Intelligent pens. With the two ergonomic pens you can easily switch between two colours (red and blue) in the whiteboard application, without having to navigate through the tool set. A great way to save time! They don’t require batteries, so no charging needed.

Present wirelessly from every device. Our wireless presenting app is free to download and compatible with Windows, Android, Mac and iOS devices (including AirPlay). Control the shared content on the i3TOUCH with wireless touchback.

Compatible with i3ALLSYNC TOUCH. The i3TOUCH E is also compatible with an i3ALLSYNC TOUCH hardware transmitter that allows screen sharing without installing any software.

Intuitive interface. The home screen offers easy access to the integrated whiteboarding and presenting tools, browser and other apps. Switch to different input sources and customize the source name for intuitive use. Via the side menu you can easily navigate to the home screen and the integrated annotation tool.

4K resolution. Let your content stand out with stunning 4K resolution providing accurate color and reliable image quality from a wide viewing angle of 178°.

Energy efficient. Save power when taking a break by putting the touch screen in standby mode. You can even pre-set the standby and wake time.

8 years warranty. We are proud of our quality products and we offer a warranty of up to 8 years, which is exceptional in the market.

i3TOUCH Excellence comes in a wide range of sizes from 65", 75" to 86” to provide the correct size for any room.

Anti-glare glass
Thanks to the anti-glare glass the content on the screen is always visible for everyone.