Easy to install large size board

Classrooms, meeting and training rooms, production environments and all other places you can think of… a large wall-wide surface for writing and display is always useful. The Horizon eliminates material and financial constraints and literally broadens the horizon of communication with its up to 8 meters long panels.

  • Large size: a seamless surface without writing break, measuring up to 8m long by 120cm high.
  • Easy to deliver and install: Packaged in several packaged and easy to assemble thanks to a clever and aesthetic system, the Horizon board consists of two panels that are juxtaposed without a profile.
  • Ecological and durable: 99% recyclable writing surface, guaranteed for life
  • Writing surface guaranteed for life
  • Magnetic surface
  • 120 x 400 cm
  • 120 x 500 cm
  • 120 x 600 cm
  • 120 x 800 cm
  • PEFC certified substrate
  • e3 enamel surface
  • Felt or green chalk