The most popular for classrooms.

Reliable and functional, the CLASSIC triple board offers 5 surfaces to choose identical or mixed, plain or sreen printed with lineages or grids according to your needs (writing with marker or chalk, projection, brightness of the room). Safe and environmentally friendly, it has been certified to NF Education and NF Environmental standards.

✔ Environmentally-friendly and sustainable
NF Environnement certification. Eco-friendly materials such as the PEFC certified substrate and e3 enamel surface, guaranteed for life* and 99% recyclable, which offers greater resistance to scratches, bacteria and chemicals. *Under normal conditions of use.

✔ Available in marker, projection or screen white and chalk green
Marker or projection white for writing with markers and projecting, screen white for optimal projection, chalk green for writing with chalk. Many screen printings in option.

✔ Magnetic surface

✔ Wings with integrated corner magnets in top angles
To hold the wings closed.







e3 enamelled steel surface vitrified at 800°C available in marker white, projection white, screen white or chalk green.

Backing made from high density chipboard (8 mm), certified to PEFC, recyclable to 99%.

Frame made from natural grooved alu (smooth anodized in option). Top profile with sliding hooks in zamak to hold maps or paper pads (2 per metre), blocked at both ends. Bottom full length pen tray in alu.

Polyacetal hinges.

Counterbalancing with galvanised steel (0.3 mm) which maintains absolute flatness of the panel over time.

Bonded using polyurethane glue with absolutely no VOCs.

Protective end caps made from grey plastic.