The advancement and adoption of technology is moving faster than ever and with this in mind, it’s important to
successfully integrate technology into learning environments. 

In many studies, including our own case studies, schools have seen an increase in learning outcomes and results,
engagement and enthusiasm in the classroom with the use of interactive touch displays or boards as well as our
software solutions designed specifically for the classroom.

Discover our learning environments

Every school and classroom is unique so these learning
environments are not limited to physical classrooms, and
each classroom can be arranged in different ways to
ensure the best setup for each teacher’s style.

We will take an in-depth look into each environment and how
our digital solutions can bring every lesson to life.

Digital Classroom

There are many different ways to integrate interactive solutions into your classroom, and in the Digital Classroom, we recommend our complete solution. The complete solution includes both software and hardware that will help you take your lessons to the next level, keeping your students safe, engaged, and connected.

Hybrid Classroom

The hybrid classroom combines in-classroom teaching with online learning while still allowing students to participate in real-time and give or receive immediate feedback. With an interactive touch display, whether the students are in the classroom or learning online, everyone will have access to the tools they need to stay engaged and to be more productive.

Versatile Classroom

The flexible classroom allows the teacher and students to incorporate movement into their learning activities. Rather than being sat at desks for the whole day, the flexible classroom allows the teacher to adapt the room to the lesson or activity, creating a more hands-on environment and increasing engagement and collaboration amongst students.

For the students in the younger grades and kindergarten, it’s not always easy to sit still at their desks and work in their workbooks. A flexible classroom gives them space to move while they’re learning and it helps them focus much better.

The Atrium

Share announcements, upcoming events, emergency messages, and school-wide information with our digital signage feature on our i3TOUCH EX display. Deliver clear information when your colleagues and students need it most, with a stunning 4K display with anti-glare.
Monitor the air quality throughout your entire school with the i3CAIR, our indoor air quality sensor. i3CAIR is a simple solution that ensures you can return to school safely by monitoring, alerting, and reporting on indoor air quality, and the solution fully integrates with the i3TOUCH interactive display.

Administrator's office

As an IT administrator or Health and Safety advisor of a school; having visibility, maintaining and managing technology, and having the ability to collect and report air quality data in your classrooms can be a large task and a lot of paperwork. With our software solutions for education, you won’t miss a beat, allowing you to keep your tech up-to-date from anywhere and at any time.

The Auditorium

Keeping all of your students engaged in a large room or auditorium can be a challenge. Using a larger interactive display or board ensures everyone can see your lesson no matter where they are in the room. Our solutions are simple and easy to use and help to improve productivity and learning outcomes or results, while simultaneously preparing students for the modern workplace at the same time.