22.01.2020 Tips

Furnishing your school's cafeteria... like a pro!


Boring and ‘gray’ school cafeterias are getting outdated. These days schools often choose to turn their refectory into a nice and playful environment. Or into a hip place, styled like a trendy bar. A good idea for your school? But no clue how to start? We offer you some tips and tricks.

Upgrade to coziness

You can alternate between traditional low tables and high tables, where students can eat standing up or sit on bar stools. Make it cozy by creating zones where students can lunch together in smaller groups and in a relaxing atmosphere. Indoor planters, room dividers or mobile boards help split up big spaces in an easy and fun way. Lounge corners make every space instantly more enjoyable.


Turn it into a flexible space

Not all schools are large enough to have a cafeteria and an event location and a pleasant meeting room for teachers and an area to welcome parents in a casual atmosphere, etc. Flexible furniture helps turn your refectory into a multipurpose space. Stackable chairs or chairs with wheels are easily put aside and with lightweighted mobile tables you can simply change any setting yourself. Multifunctional furniture – for example tables that can be used as a stage or grandstand – helps to find creative solutions.


Make room for creativity

A lick of paint, some plants, wall paintings, art pieces and other affordable solutions can make a big difference in no time. Involve your students and give them the opportunity to let out their creative skills! They probably have some good ideas about how the wall could look. With a whiteboard wall students can get to work themselves. This way, the refectory becomes an inspiring place for students, where they can spend time at other moments besides lunch break, like play- or study time.


Keep it comfortable and quiet

The main function of a refectory still remains: a place to eat. So make sure you choose comfortable furniture which is easy to clean and keep in mind sturdiness and ergonomics. Off course, without losing playfulness and colors.

 “Keep quiet until finished eating”, is a rule from days gone by, right? But you don’t want teachers with headaches caused by over enthusiastic children either. Therefore, you should keep in mind sound absorbing materials when decoration a school cafeteria.

Turn it into a beautiful, comfortable and useful space, that’s the main advice for decorating your refectory. Do you want to know more. We are always available for personal advice.