Plug & Play wireless presenting tool

Change the way you give presentations forever with this compact and lightweight presenter tool. The i3SYNC is easy-to-use and enables you to take control of your presentation and your audience. The device is universally compatible with all technology devices that have a HDMI connection. Just plug in the wireless transmitter and reciever in your device and you are ready to go. i3SYNC is a true plug and play device, you won’t even have to install any extra software on your pc.




i3SYNC i3SYNC i3 technology

MAIN Features

  • Wireless streaming of video & audio
  • Plug & play (no drivers)
  • Switch instantly from one presenter to another: just push your button
  • Up to 254 unique users in one room
  • Compatible with all HDMI devices: pc, laptop, tablets, smartphones, camera,… it doesn’t matter
  • OS independent: Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, …
  • Flexible & compact: 5x5cm
  • Warranty: 2 years



  • i3COMPUTER 302
  • i3COMPUTER 302 W
  • i3COMPUTER 502
  • i3COMPUTER 502 W
  • i3COMPUTER 702
  • i3COMPUTER 702 W

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Technische Fiches

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