Office chairs

Office chairs: ergonomic and price-conscious!

A chair system for the ergonomic and price-conscious customer, at which the commercial acquisition isn't at contradiction with a confident design style. More equipment variants support you with a differentiated choice of the fitting model for every deployment area. Depending on the variants, VANERUM helps you actively to be right.


System 29


computer table computer table computer table

Comforto 29 brings advanced features and a light-scale aesthetic to the people responsible for getting work done.

Science-based Ergonomics

Science-based ergonomics, personalized comfort and design, durability at a sensible price, seat-depth adjustment, seat-height adjustment, tilt-tension adjustment, available in a wide array of colours.

Fit In / Stand Out

Comforto 29’s more than just a comfortable, well-built chair. It’s also a diamond in the rough. A thin profile, nine distinct colors, and countless fabric options mean you can pick a design that’s all your own. Fit in or stand out—Comforto 29 Task and Side will match your style.

computer table

Materials & sizes (cm)

  • Width 66 cm
  • Depth 63 cm
  • Height 86 cm
  • Height seat 43 cm


  • SIT
  • TURN
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Technische Fiches

Voor meer informatie over de verschillende mogelijkheden in materialen en kleuren, vraag ons een technische fiche van het product waar u interesse voor heeft of neem contact met ons op!

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